Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Next big update for windows users will be ‘Windows 10 fall creators update’. As expected it should be rolled out in September. Lets not go by the name, or one would think this update is going to fix some flaws in last ‘Creators update’, instead this is going to be a fresh update to add more functionality to windows users.

Major 4 features are expected to be included:

  • Timeline
  • Pick Up Where You Left Off
  • Clipboard
  • OneDrive Files On-demand

Timeline feature will allow users to locate list of apps running on other windows devices. Also, one can pick & resume the existing task on other devices.

Whereas, OneDrive Files On-demand will allow users to fetch files directly from OneDrive without getting them sync first and download all the folders.

All new Design, that was previously codenamed as Project Neon, will now be part of coming windows 10 fall creators update. Microsoft has already started to convert some of the apps to fluent Design.

Pretty sure, there would be much more included than above mentioned 4 features. We’d see more clarity going forth.

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