Microsoft promises to turn its Edge browser more faster in next windows 10 update

Upcoming windows 10 update may include a lot improvements for its default ‘Edge, its responsiveness & performance. Next windows update maybe termed as ‘windows 10 fall creators update’. This most probably include major improvements for edge browser.

This will make opening & closing of tabs much smoother and faster. If you being a edge fan, you must have noticed frequent lags in operation time to time. This kills the user experience adversely. Microsoft is aiming to eliminate this now.

Not just this, user will experience some design changes as well. Microsoft’s Fluent Design System is incorporating some design touches in edge browser.

Also, Microsoft is planning to bring progressive web apps (PWAs) to Edge. This term is coined by Alex Russell for websites that progressively become apps. So, its easy for websites to offer more app like experience. Though its too early for PWAs but its appreciable Microsoft is ready to support.