Kaspersky settles its antitrust complaint against Microsoft

Kaspersky & Microsoft agree to solve the dispute out of the court: Microsoft Windows Support

Kaspersky on 10th Aug, took off its antitrust complaint against Microsoft. This resulted into Microsoft agreeing upon making necessary changes in coming fall creators update to help other antivirus companies grow up.

The talk started back in June after Kaspersky filed a complaint against Microsoft claiming, its antivirus software was disabled after a user went for operating system upgrade.

Microsoft agreed upon the fact that it deactivates the antivirus programs due to compatibility issues & prompts users to install the most latest version of third party antivirus. But now the software giant has agreed upon listening the concerns of other third party antivirus & do necessary changes in next update.

Users in next windows 10 upgrade will get the direct notification from antivirus after or before the software is expired. One won’t have the option to ignore the notification until they either choose to RENEW the license or rely upon Microsoft’s default antivirus program.

Microsoft’s by agreeing upon doing this change, has persuaded Kaspersky to withdraw the filed complaint. This was even necessary for the future of antivirus on windows platform.

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