Say ‘bye’ to Tech Support Scams

Hello, I’m calling from Microsoft’s windows department. We’ve received notifications that your windows machine is infected. We need to go ahead and check your computer for possible infections, thereafter we’re going to fix it.

If you find yourself familiar with such lines, you’ve come to the right place to get more awareness and easily combat it.

Tech support industry is not new, they have been stealing innocent people’s money ever since 2007. Every next day innocent windows users are threatened and tricked into paying good amount to the scammers. Paying a company for genuine work done or real problem solved is appreciable but for non-existing issues or problems is completely unacceptable or straightway falls into the category of ‘Theft’.

This Tech support industry has been growing with a pace more than your imagination. Almost 60-70% USA & Canada is already affected, now extending its paws to Australia and UK.

Federal Trade Commission has taken positive steps to eradicate such tech support scammers but still there is no such sign of improvement. They are growing at a faster rate than being shut down.


Point of origin – Tech support Scammers

  • Cold calls 
  • Fake Virus Popups


Cold calls – from Fake Microsoft Agents / Experts

Any single day all of a sudden if you hear your phone ringing and the caller is an asian english accent speaker posing to be a Microsoft’s employee. Most probably you’re about to hear “we’ve got the news that your computer is infected….etc”

Microsoft says: You will never receive a legitimate calls from Microsoft or our partners to charge you for computer fixes.

This pretty much clears it’s a fake caller on the phone & you may politely hangup on his face.


Fake Virus Popups

You must have experienced landing on a webpage showing certain caution or threatening messages as if your computer is infected / windows is expired / personal data is at risk / malicious programs detected, please don’t reboot your computer until you contact Microsoft Experts for a fix. Most of these popups are non-closable, convincing you to call the given number before your system crashes.

All these are scammers, investing a lot in Search Engine Marketing or Ad-networks to buy targeted traffic.

Search engines – You look for something else and you get redirected to a ‘fake popup page’.

Ad-networks – You’re browsing an anonymous website & a popup appears.


NOTE – If you have made up your mind to seek remote technical assistance, be careful about the company you’re calling. Get the company contact number directly from their website or verified directory. 

Unfortunately, there is no such guarantee a US Accent speaking agent would get you a trusted support in all cases.

If you’re facing some real issues with your computer, taking it to the local store is another good alternative.


(After you call one such toll free number & your call gets answered )


100% of the time they will convince you for the remote connection

First step they make you follow once the call is connected, will ask for remote control of your computer. Which they need to diagnose and find out non-existing problems or ‘stopped services’ which is completely normal.


Every time they will come up with new and dynamics tips to convince your computer is infected (which is actually NOT)


Making you pay good amount to get this fixed