Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Suite Optimized For Windows 8

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Paragon Software Group has released the latest version of its Hard Disk Manager utility, Hard Disk Manager 14 Suite, which would offer better backup, partitioning, copying and management of disk space, along with extensive Windows support. Here is an overview of what users can expect from the new software from Paragon.

Paragon Software Group claims that all the functions of the latest Windows versions can be accomplished with the Hard Disk Manager 14. Much superior to its predecessors, HDM 14 suite offers a Metro style Express launcher, as well as a ribbon based full-scale launcher, which is fully compatible with Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. Users can easily switch between the modernized Windows 8 style tile looks and old express launcher in ribbon style, as per their desire. Yet experts say that the tile oriented user interface and the introduction of innovative pVHD featuring an optimized container format provides easy accessibility to its different tools.

Apart from the Windows support, the latest version of Hard Disk Manager utility also supports BitLocker and Windows Storage Spaces. Paragon has ensured that HDM 14 works efficiently for smaller backup files, while keeping its performance and stability at the peak point. Other added features include an advanced support for uEFI, with a bootable GPT/uEFI-compatible Backup Capsule, easy restore tools for backup of a drive with different sizes, split partition and merge partition abilities, conversion of basic MBR to basic GPT disks and tools to convert any version of the NTFS file system into Apple HFS without formatting the drive.

HDM 14 optimized for Windows 8

Paragon’s HDM 14 allows breaking of an operating system and other data into smaller partitions, as well as allows users to merge separate sections into a single partition with more space. Redistributing unallocated space is also easy with Hard Disk Manager 14 suite, which allows users to maximize the disk space on a partition. The inbuilt Boot Corrector in HDM 14 is a remarkable addition in the suite, which allows users to check and fix common errors related to system boot.

HDM 14 not only offers great Windows support, but the Linux Recovery Environment is also developed in the suite to support more hardware components. The suite is available in two editions, the starting package and Paragon Hard Disk Manager 14 Professional suite. Where the starter x64 version suite offers basic functionalities, the Pro version allows use of advanced virtualization and backup tools.