What are the new features of Microsoft Windows 10?

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There are lots of new features in Windows 10, but here are some of the most important and most obvious changes from previous versions of Windows:

The Charms bar has gone

The strip of icons under the screen’s right edge — known as the Charms bar in Windows 8 and 8.1 — has now gone. Some apps still have some traces of it left in a menu in their upper left corner. This is where you can click or tap on the icon to see the familiar Search, Share, and Settings, as well as Print, on occasion.

Start menu replaces start screen


Windows 10 brings back the desktop and Start button, along with a bunch of customisation options to tweak these settings.

Hey Cortana

One of the most interesting (and headline worthy) new features of Windows 10 is Cortana, which is a voice-activated, personal digital assistant built into the operating system. Cortana can make your life a little easier by finding files, reminding you of appointments and loads more.



Full-screen apps

In Windows 8, apps always filled the entire screen, or consumed lots of it. Instead, Windows 10 treats apps just like desktop programs and they each run in their own window on the desktop.

No more Windows Media Center

When Windows 8 lost Windows Media Centre people weren’t happy so Microsoft allowed people to pay a stipend to add it back. Unfortunately, Microsoft isn’t offering that same option in Windows 10. In fact, if you upgrade a PC with Windows Media Center to Windows 10, the upgrade process will peel away Windows Media Center, leaving it gone for good.


A new feature called Continuum now means that Windows 10 can adapt itself to whichever device you’re using. So if you’re on a PC it opens to show you the traditional desktop, taskbar, and Start button. If you’re on a tablet it presents the full-screen Start menu instead. Below you’ll see the different between Desktop Mode and Tablet Mode:





Microsoft Edge replaces Internet Explorer

Microsoft Edge is Windows 10’s new browser and it allows you to take notes, doodle, write and highlight directly on top of webpages that you visit. It also has Cortana built in, making browsing the app easier than ever.