Crashing Windows PCs due to bugs in Microsoft SMBv3

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Blue Screen errors arising on fully patched windows 10, windows 8.1 Computers while connecting to infected servers

As per windows experts there is a possible vulnerability of injecting and executing malicious codes on windows computers through protocols used to connect windows machines to servers.

Patched windows 8.1, windows 10, server 2012 or 2016 computers may crash with a Blue Screen error when trying to access infected servers, according to a post by Günter Born on today’s Born’s Tech and Windows World blog.

SMBv3 is most recent version of a protocol being used to connect windows computers to servers. Main reason for this exposed security is the buffer overflow bug present in SMBv3.

But there is no such claim yet if this security exposure may turn into takeover of affected computers. However, there are certain possibilities that vulnerability may be able to inject malicious code on windows machines.

As per an expert ‘Born’ effect is limited on comparatively smaller networks like LANs. It is because the attackers needs to have the access to the network. He also added, networks with WLAN access are WPA2 protected making it tough to exploit security under such conditions.

However, windows users if affected by the blue screen error may revert PCs to the last restore point or call windows experts at Toll free 1-844-804-6075. They should be definitely able to help.