How To Uninstall Windows Live Messenger

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If you like to stay connected with people every day, then the Windows Live Messenger program is ideal for holding private conversations. Thanks to the Windows Live chat support enabled, you can have private one-on-one conversation with friends, families and colleagues. It is one of the most popular chat applications in the world, but comes with a small drawback. Uninstalling Windows Live Messenger is slightly tricky, and you might need help with its installation. Do not worry as this article is aimed for those experiencing trouble with removing the Windows Live Messenger.

The main problem is that the traditional methods to remove a program do not apply to the Windows Live Messenger program. Traditionally if you were trying to uninstall a program you would access the Control Panel from the Start menu and then use the Add/Remove programs option to get rid of the program. However the Windows Live Messenger is, absent from the list of programs when you use the Add/Remove programs option. Hence, it is impossible to remove the Windows Live Messenger program using this procedure. Also, if you were to pull out the Windows Live Messenger icon from the Start menu, it does not have an Uninstall option, so even that would be futile.

The only way out is to remove the Windows Live Messenger program manually from the system. There are two things that need to be done to remove the program, and it basically implements manually what all uninstaller programs do in reality. First, you must make sure that you remove the program files of Windows Live Messenger from your system. To remove these files access the C drive on My Computer and look for the folders marked Windows Live. Once you find the right files select them and press Shift + Delete keys to delete the files permanently from your system.

The next step is to access the system registry and remove any links of the program, which will be present in the form of registry entries or keys. These registry keys hold all relevant and valuable information about the program like name, function and settings. By removing these links you in effect rip the program out of Windows, so that it doesn’t appear in the system any more. To make modification in the registry you need to run the Registry Editor program called REGEDIT.EXE. Open it and search for Windows Live Messenger, and remove all the associated keys that the search brings up.

Be cautious while making changes in the registry, as a simple accidental change could result in your system crashing. To know more about making changes in the registry contact Windows Live chat support team. The Windows Live chat support team can help you through the process in real time, thus giving you an edge against any unforeseen troubles, issues or accidents.