About Password Recovery For Your Windows Live Account

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Password is important while using email services and chat services. Users need to enter the password along with their username to log in to their email or chat accounts. Passwords help improve the security features of an email account.  It helps you keep your accounts inaccessible to other users who share the same computer with you. Chat services like Windows Live Messenger recommend the users to change the password from time to time to ensure more security. Well, what to do when you forget the password? According to the Windows Support experts, password recovery for Windows Live Accounts is not a complicated process. The users who have some basic understanding of computers can perform this in no time.

If you have forgotten your Windows Live account password, there is nothing to be worried about. All you need to do is submit a request for the recovering the password. Upon the submission of your request, Windows Live will verify your identity by prompting you to answer some security questions. Provide the right answers to the security questions and you are done. Here are the instructions to help you with this.


  • Open your web browser and load the Windows Live Solution Centre website.
  • Press the option titled Sign in and choose the link that says Forgot your password. The link can be found below the password field.
  • Type your username in the field titled Windows Live ID.
  • Next, enter the CAPTCHA code as it is provided in the picture.
  • Press the Continue button to proceed.

              Windows help page

  • Verify your identity by answering one of the security questions given.
  • Once you have successfully verified your identity with Windows Live, Windows Live will load a new page titled Password. Press the Reset password option and type a new password in the given field. Follow the prompts to go to your Windows Live Account.
  • If you are not sure of the answers for the security questions, select the option that says Send the reset password link to the alternative email account. Login to the alternative email account, go to the inbox and click the Reset password link sent to you by Windows Live.
  • Type a new password in the New Password field. You may have to confirm the password by retyping it. After resetting the password, click the link that says Go to my account.

You now have successfully reset your Windows Live Account password. Now, start enjoying the multiple Windows Live services there. For any help, don’t forget to contact the Windows Support website.