Are You Planning To Downgrade Your PC To Windows 7?

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If you are an unsatisfied Windows 8 customer and would like to downgrade you computer to the good old Windows 7 operating system, then read on. Even though Microsoft does not make this process simple, there are some ways in which you will be able to go back to the Windows 7 operating system that you have earlier used. Below we discuss how you will be able to achieve this.

The very first thing you should do if you are planning to downgrade to the Windows 7 operating system is to buy a new product key of the Windows 7 operating system from a valid dealer. However, if you are currently using the Windows 8 Pro version, you will be able to downgrade only to Windows 7 Pro version. This means that the Windows 8 drivers for pro version installed in your system will be uninstalled and the Windows 7 drivers will be installed.

The product key you purchase need not be new, it just has to be valid for the downgrading of the operating system to be successful. It doesn’t even matter if you have installed the key on a different computer before, the key just has to be valid for the process to be successful.

For removing the Windows 8 drivers in your computer, you may request the maker of our PC for a copy of the installation disc. Since most of the manufacturers keep a copy of the disc images, once you obtain the image, burn the ISO image to a disc for using. Before starting the process, you would need to backup all your personal data to an online cloud storage service or to an external hard disk. After the completion of the downgrade process, you can easily reinstall them.

              Drivers for Windows 7

Now boot the Windows 7 installation disc that you have just now burned. Now follow the prompts given by the installation wizard for installing the Windows 7 operating system on your system successfully. The wizard will remove the Windows 8 drivers and will install Windows 7 drivers on your system. Now you will need to activate the Windows operating system that you have installed in your system. For that, contact the Microsoft helpline center, the representative there would provide you with a onetime code using which you will be able to activate the product.

After you provide the key code given, the system will continue with the installation process and may ask you about the region in which you reside and some other data. If you follow all the instructions, the Windows 8 to Windows 7 downgrade process will complete successfully.