How To Disable Yahoo Toolbar In Internet Explorer?

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All web browsers including Internet Explorer give the option to accommodate toolbars in them. Busy users can benefit a lot from such toolbars, as these help them search for a keyword or topic in the same tab of the browser. Obviously, it saves a great deal of time which you’d have otherwise required for opening a new tab, loading a search engine and then entering the keyword in the search field to look for the meaning or whatever. The Yahoo toolbar is one such toolbar. It consists of multiple icons on it, specialized for accessing social network sites and the Yahoo Search engine. Moreover, the toolbar notifies you when a new email message comes to your inbox. You can also customize your Yahoo toolbar to notify about the weather condition in your city. Nonetheless, many want to know about removing Yahoo toolbar, for multiple reasons.

Obviously, if you think that the Yahoo toolbar is not necessary for you, you can get rid of it. As the toolbar contains a lot of web based utilities, it consumes a lot of data. So, if you are on a limited data plan, the best thing is to disable or remove all the toolbars, including Yahoo. Moreover, multiple toolbars in the browser can compromise the speed of your web browser.

Instructions on removing Yahoo toolbar

  • Navigate to the Start button on your desktop and click on the Control Panel option from the menu.
  • Locate and press on the Add/Remove Programs button from the Control Panel window.
  • Wait for the Add/Remove Programs window to be populated with all the applications installed in the PC.

            Install Yahoo toolbar

  • Now, locate the Yahoo Toolbar from the list of programs and highlight it. Usually, the programs will be listed in alphabetical order. However, you can sort the programs based on the date of installation or size of the file. The options for this can be found at the top of the list, such as Name or Installed On.
  • After locating the Yahoo Toolbar in the list, highlight it and then click on the Uninstall button on the right of the blue section bar. In some versions of the Windows Operating System, the Uninstall or Change/Remove option is placed at the top of the window.

The above discussed instruction should help you with removing Yahoo toolbar. If you think that you should need the Yahoo toolbar in the future, you can always reinstall it after downloading it from the official website.