Ransomware Attacks: India Expects Microsoft to Offer Windows 10 Upgrade

India is expecting to receive the latest windows 10 operating system at a discounted price. This is to allow users to upgrade to latest and most secure operating system to battle the ransomware attack.

Agreed, if such requests are entertained by Microsoft, many of other international software giants would be under pressure to offer the same.

As per the Indian first cyber security expert, Mr Rai “it will be a one-time upgrade offer to windows 10 and it will be a discounted price for the entire country”.

Indian government has taken effective step along with their banks to upgrade their ATM operating systems to Windows 10. Earlier, on a large scale those were running on windows xp.

Two such ransomware attacks which left a large impact in indian region were: Wannacry & NotPetya attack.

Article- rewritten from news18 website.

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