How To Correct The Errors With Outlook Calendar Displaying Wrong Location

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Email clients help you out in numerous ways. They not only help you configure your webmail in them, but also help you organize meetings using its calendar feature. However, sometimes your Outlook program can display wrong information on the meeting location. With wrong information displayed about the event, it can create confusions and mess up the program.

So, how can you fix this issue? We hope that you all know that Microsoft releases Hotfixes for various troubles. According to Microsoft support site, the software giant has released Hotfix to resolve this particular issue. Even though it is not yet clear what causes this error in Outlook, with the new Hotfix , you can fix this issue with a few simple steps. All you need to do is download and run the Hotfix and the issue will be resolved. In this post, we will go through the steps involved in this process.

Steps Involved

  • Turn on your computer and login to your administrator profile.
  • Launch any of the internet browsers in your computer and browse to the Microsoft support site. Search for the Outlook 2007 Hotfix  package and choose the Download link.
  • Save the file to any of the locations in your hard drive or to your desktop for easy access.
  • Double click to run and install the setup file on your computer.

        Microsoft Outlook Program

  • Once the installation is complete, choose the option I Agree in the first window and this will show the Hotfix Request page.
  • Choose the box near Microsoft Office Outlook 2007. You will also find the field to enter your email address. Enter it and select Request Hotfix .
  • With the above step, you will receive the Hotfix in your email account. Therefore, it is important to enter your email address carefully, without errors.
  • Select the link in the email address and this will start downloading the file. Select the file once the download is complete and double click to run it.
  • The program will be installed on your computer and it will automatically fix the issue associated with your Outlook Calendar.

With the above-mentioned steps, you can fix the issues associated with the wrong display of meeting location in the Outlook calendar. For further assistance, you may contact Windows support center or our technical support team. You may also go through the help section of Microsoft Outlook to find appropriate solutions.