Simple Steps On Merging PowerPoint Slides Into Word

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PowerPoint and Word are two amazing applications included in the Microsoft Office Suite. While the former is used for creating animated slides for presentation purposes, the latter is often used for document processing. Interestingly, users can merge PowerPoint slides into Word document and make it more appealing. There are two options for merging a PowerPoint slide into Microsoft Word, either by embedding or by linking.

Embedding allows you to use the slides in their original form on Microsoft Word, where on the other hand, linking to the slides would reflect every change you make in the PowerPoint slide on your Word document. However, the methods for merging the applications are same in either case. Follow the below given instructions by Microsoft support site for the purpose.


  • Launch Microsoft Word and open the document that you wish to merge with PowerPoint slide.
  • Open Microsoft PowerPoint application and open the file that you wish to merge with the Word document.
  • Click on the Slide Sorter option in PowerPoint (it is located in the Presentation Views under the View tab).
  • Select the slide for merging. To choose multiple slides, press down the Shift key on your keyboard and select the desired slides.
  • Now, copy the slides by pressing down Ctrl + C key combination on your keyboard. Following this, switch to the Word application.
  • Go to the area on the Word document where the PowerPoint slides need to be merged.
  • Navigate to the Clipboard section beneath the Home tab and press the download-facing arrow under the Paste option.
  • Select Paste Special option from the dropdown menu.
  • A pop-up window titled Paste Special would appear now.
  • Go to the As: section in the pop-up window and select Microsoft Office PowerPoint Object.

            Microsoft Word

  • Locate the circle close to Paste in the pop-up window and click on it. The PowerPoint slides you have selected previously will be embedded now.
  • If you want to link to the PowerPoint slide, press the circle located near the Paste Link option. This would insert a link to the slides you have selected in the PowerPoint application.
  • Press the OK button located in the bottom right corner of the window.

You have successfully merged PowerPoint slides into your Microsoft Word application. Now, surprise your colleagues using this merged document. If you have further concerns, doubts or issues regarding this topic, navigate to Microsoft support site, select Microsoft PowerPoint or Word and visit the merging documents section.