Apple is bringing iTunes to the Windows Store

Currently, if you need to sync your Apple devices using windows you need to download itunes from Apple’s official website.

Apple is now planning to avoid its users from getting into that hassle. One would directly be able to pull itunes from the Windows Store.

Moreover, this initiation seems to be taken from Microsoft’s end. As in the Build developer event few days back, Microsoft confirmed it has been working with apple for the same.

Microsoft now plans to focus more on Adobe’s range of creative apps & Chrome browser in the store. But as microsoft needs strict app requirements, adding chrome to the store seems a bit tough for google. Windows store apps that browse the web need to use Microsoft’s edge engine.

What else google can do is, it can think of resigning a new chrome for windows store as they did previously for iOS devices.

Addition of itunes to the store should definitely bring some traction for windows store, but going forth we’ll have more clarity on ground reality.

For any assistance on windows store apps not running correctly, you can dial 1-800-274-2129 to speak to windows technicians.