About Using The Help Option In Microsoft Access

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The Professional edition of Microsoft Office suite include an application called Microsoft Access. The application allows professional users to store relevant data in their preferred format type safely and securely. However, the application is not immune to problems. But, one can’t afford to lose the critical data stored in Microsoft Access due to the technical problems the application encounters at times. If you come across any problems in your Microsoft Access database application or if you require any assistance while using the application, visit the Microsoft support page for solutions.

Read this article to learn how you can find the answers for your concerns using the support page.


  • Launch your Microsoft Access database program.
  • If you have any problems with the existing database, open that. If you are confused about creating a new database in Microsoft Access, open a new blank database.
  • Navigate to the top right corner of the window and locate the box titled Type a Question for Help.
  • Click your mouse in the box named Type a Question for Help and enter the details of your problem you are facing in the application or any concerns you might have regarding the application.
  • After typing the question, hit the Enter key on your keyboard to proceed. Microsoft Access Help will now process the question you have typed and look for appropriate answers. After processing your question, it will display a list of answers pertaining to the keywords you have used in the question. The results that you see at the top of the search results will be the most matching ones for your question. Browse through the search results until you find the most appropriate and relevant result. 

         Visit Microsoft support page

  • In case you do not find any search results matching your problem, return to the Type a Question for Help section and enter your problem in a different form. Perhaps rephrasing the question would do.
  • Once the results for the question are displayed, browse through them to locate the appropriate answer.
  • Once you have located the appropriate answer for your question, click on it to view the instructions. Read the instructions carefully and execute them to troubleshoot the problem.

The Microsoft support page not only helps you to troubleshoot the problems with any applications in the Microsoft Office suite, it also acts as a free tutorial to help you master the applications as well.