How To Sync Work Outlook Account With Outlook On Your Home Computer

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There is no doubt that Outlook is a highly useful email client application. However, its use is limited to the office atmosphere. Most people use Outlook for office purposes and prefer webmail services for home use and personal purposes. At times, you may wish if you had contacts, emails and other relevant data in Outlook at work on your home computer. However, you can easily synchronize your office Outlook data with Outlook on your home computer. After synchronizing, you will be able to send emails to your business contacts from the convenience of your home.

Microsoft has not yet developed a program to synchronize two Outlook accounts though. Yet, you can sync two Outlook apps by transferring the PST files that contains task data, contacts and calendar. Follow the below instructions or visit Microsoft support site for the same.


  • Switch on your work computer and launch Microsoft Office Outlook application by double-clicking on the Outlook icon on the desktop or selecting it from the Start menu.
  • Navigate to the top portion of the Outlook screen and select New Items.
  • Click the link that says More Items. Following that, select Outlook Data File.
  • Go to the list of available data types and choose the required ones.
  • Specify the name you wish to give to the file by typing it. Save the PST files on a hard drive space. Press the OK button to continue.
  • Now, plug a storage device such as flash drive or external hard disk into the computer to copy the PST files. You can also use a DVD to burn the files to it.
  • According to the information found in Microsoft support site, PST files sometimes can be bigger in size. Therefore, make sure that you have sufficient free space in the storage device
  • After copying the files to the storage device, unplug it.

             Microsoft Outlook

  • Turn on the other computer and connect the storage device that contains PST files.
  • Launch Microsoft Office Outlook, go to File menu and select Open.
  • Click on Outlook Data File from the list of the options.
  • Browse to the storage device, which contains PST file, and select Open button.
  • The PST files will now be transferred to your home computer.

Restart Outlook after completing the process and you would be able to have the work Outlook data on your Outlook application in the home computer.