Procedure To Delete All MSN Chat Logs Off Of A Computer

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Microsoft, the world’s largest software company has been providing excellent products for many years. They are so famous that millions of people around the world use their software, hardware and services. It would be near to impossible to find anyone who has not heard the name of Windows, Microsoft Corporation’s operating system series. Its popularity is so supreme that even a decade after the release or launch of its famous “Windows XP”, millions of people still uses it around the planet. Microsoft’s Networking service, MSN messenger, is a Microsoft live chat application that is also known as Windows Live Messenger.

This Microsoft live chat service has the ability to log and store all the conversations you have with people on your contacts list. However, if you have come to a point where you feel that you do not require the logs, if you feel like your privacy is compromised, or if there are multiple people who are using the same computer, then you have the option of deleting all your saved logs through Windows Explorer or MSN Messenger itself. Here are certain instructions for deleting the Microsoft live chat or MSN messenger logs from your computer.

From Windows Explorer

  • Initially, you need to open and log in to MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger. You may find it by clicking on Start and then searching for MSN Messenger.
  • After that, you can open Options and then select Messages.
  • You can now view or see where chat files are being stored, under the Message History section.
  • Then, you can click on the Start button to open the Start menu, and then open My Computer.
  • Then, you can locate and open the folder where your Message History is stored.
  • After that, highlight all the files.
  • Then, you have to right-click where you have just highlighted, and then select Delete.
  • Next, you can now confirm that you want to delete the files.
  • Then, you need to open the Recycle Bin on your computer.
  • After that, click on Empty Recycle Bin to permanently delete all the chat files.

            MSN log removal


  • You need to open and log in to MSN Messenger or Windows Live Messenger.
  • Then, you can click on the Show Menu button.
  • After that, you can hover over File and then select the View Message History.
  • Then you can open each file individually.
  • Subsequently, you can click on Delete history at the top of the window.
  • You can then confirm the delete to permanently delete the file.

Follow these guidelines to get rid of the chat logs in MSN from your computer. Call up MS tech support if you face problems with this.