Microsoft’s next mobile strategy for iOS and Android

We’ve known Microsoft hasn’t had great time with mobile devices. It’s still a question windows phone are dead or alive in the market yet. But Microsoft is ready to take one step ahead in offering more to iOS & android market.  Company is now trying to be more realistic and focus upon these platform apps.

It’s been the first time Microsoft is supporting other platforms & offering ‘continuity’ feature like apple. You can now resume apps and activities running on iOS or Android from your windows 10 device.

Simply, as far as you got one of the Microsoft devices, you can pull up existing tasks or activities from other devices.

Currently its a bit complicated if you want to use windows laptop & other devices. Though it has plenty of apps across all the available devices and platforms but they don’t talk to each other.

We can predict this can definitely bring some change and positive market shift for Microsoft. Someone who use to find it hard to switch from Apple’s mac for certain reasons would definitely try considering Microsoft devices for things it’s been at advantage.