Microsoft Condemns Google’s Chromebook With Their Latest Ad

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Recently, a video was aired where it showed that a lady wanted to sell or pawn her Chromebook so that she could buy a ticket to Hollywood. And they showed her to be in Las Vegas, so what she needed was cash enough for a ticket. A plane ticket from Las Vegas to California costs somewhere between $70 to $350, depending on the airline and the seat. Rick Harrison, the famous star of History Channel’s Pawn Stars, states in the video that the Chromebook is not even worth a ticket to Hollywood. He concludes, “Unfortunately, I can’t buy everything, especially when it’s not what it appears to be and this is not a real laptop. I’m not buying this one. I don’t want to get Scroogled.”

This is a part of the famous Scroogled! plan, launched by Microsoft to mock Google and the strategies they adopt in the laptop industry. Scroogled! is Microsoft’s famous plan of telling the customers how Google is playing with their customers. However, it is quite evident that this is Microsoft’s latest strategy to promote its own products.

Chromebook was introduced by Google in 2011, and since then it has received a major upgrade. The latest Chromebook Pixel launched by Google boasts of amazing web-based applications, a stunning touch screen display as well as lighter weight compared to the regular laptops. However, according to the Microsoft support site, these laptops did not provide a satisfactory service, and its constant need to be internet-connected is what Microsoft sees as the major flaw. Microsoft even stated that it does not consider the Chromebook as a laptop, as it has limited functionality when not connected to the internet, and even if you are connected, you would be subjected to numerous irritating ads from Google.

However, one has to ask whether the Chromebook is really that bad, as stated by the technicians at the Microsoft support site. The answer is definitely No. This is because, nowadays, whatever device you are using, be it a PC, laptop, smart phone or even a tablet, the users always want to be connected to the internet, so they can log into social networking sites, search websites, go online shopping, and get involved in other related works online. Google released the Chromebook for those people who always remain online, and do not need too much of computing power.

Hence, as mentioned earlier, it can be clearly seen as Microsoft’s marketing strategy to promote its products. However, if you are a Microsoft Office user and quite accustomed to Windows, ChromeBook is not your cup of tea.