Guidelines On Fixing Visual C++ Runtime Errors

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Microsoft released the commercial product called Microsoft Visual C++ with the intention to help programmers develop or debug C++ codes. However, at times, users who have installed this application would run into problems like Runtime errors. Experts suggest that the error occurs when Microsoft Visual C++ collides with other Windows components from Microsoft. Certainly, Windows novices will have a tough time to fix Microsoft errors like this, but you can troubleshoot this problem in a simple way.

There are two methods of troubleshooting this error, by reinstallation of Visual C++ or by determining which Windows component is causing the problems with your software. However, before we move to troubleshooting the issue, let us try out to figure out the causes of the issue and learn how to avoid chances of running into such problems.

When does Visual C++ runtime error occur?

We saw that Visual C++ runtime error occurs when the software collides with other Windows components. The error potentially causes the programs that you are currently running to shut down immediately. If you are using Internet Explorer, the default web browser that Microsoft recommends in Windows operating system, the error can lead your computer to a locked up or frozen condition, until it is able to display the error. Yet, do not assume that your computer will get back to normal state even after the error has been displayed. All the running applications will be closed and you will have to start the system all over again.

If Visual C++ has problems with Internet Explorer on your computer, try to fix Microsoft errors of this sort by resetting the IE settings. Here are the instructions for the task.


  • Ensure that all programs including Internet Explorer are closed.

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  • Now, navigate to the Start button located at the left bottom corner of your desktop and select Run from the Start menu.
  • When the Run command window opens, enter inetcpl.cpl in the text field and press Enter. This would open the Internet Options window.
  • Locate and select Advanced tab on Internet Options window.
  • Go to the section titled Reset Internet Explorer Settings and locate the Reset option beneath it. Click the Reset button twice.
  • Press the Close button in the Reset Internet Explorer Settings window to complete the reset process.

If working out the above instructions did not fix Microsoft errors with Visual C++ on your system, feel free to contact Microsoft tech support team who can look into the issue and suggest appropriate solutions.