Google Chrome Freezes frequently, how to fix ?

Various Browsers available in the market

There are various web browsers available in the market like, ranging from Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer or new Edge, Apple’s Safari Browser & various other 3rd party browsers like, Google Chrome, Opera, Mozilla’s Firefox etc.

Out of all the above, no doubt Chrome has been all time favourites for all. Moreover in the recent few years Chrome has adding plenty more percentage of users across all the platforms. In android OS, this number is even impressive.

Browser are nothing but an interface which connects users through Internet. It takes the inputs from user, sends it to the corresponding website server and displays the exact response from the server.

With time and continuous browsing it keeps adding temp files & cache in the hard disk. This it does to minimise the data usages & time to feed the same response again and again. Example; if you open the same website again and again, rather than requesting the whole website data from the server, it loads the same data which was stored for the first time along with new changes on the website.

What makes google chrome freeze ?

Coming to the main issue, when this data gets bigger & your computer RAM & Hard disk get slow to respond accordingly, processing time drops. Tabs start to load slowly & sometimes even lead to freezing.

Also, chrome has a feature of adding plugins. Too many plugins, often cut down the processing speed.

How to fix the issue ?

To some extent, you can fix the slow speed by clearing the cache, temp files & browsing history. You can also check for the adware infections.

There are certain tools in the market available which makes this task easier. Ccleaner cleans your computer’s temp files & other junk files. Adwcleaner checks for the adwares inside & take the appropriate action.

For any such issues relating to your computer, you can speak with windows experts by dialing 1(800) 274 2129