Kaspersky settles its antitrust complaint against Microsoft

Kaspersky & Microsoft agree to solve the dispute out of the court: Microsoft Windows Support Kaspersky on 10th Aug, took off its antitrust complaint against Microsoft. This resulted into Microsoft agreeing upon making necessary changes in coming fall creators update to help other antivirus companies grow up. The talk started back in June after Kaspersky […]

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Windows 10 Fall Creators Update

Next big update for windows users will be ‘Windows 10 fall creators update’. As expected it should be rolled out in September. Lets not go by the name, or one would think this update is going to fix some flaws in last ‘Creators update’, instead this is going to be a fresh update to add […]

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Windows 10’s new Timeline feature

Microsoft offered a new timeline feature in windows 10 recently that allows the windows 10 operating system users to switch between multiple devices. Not just windows running devices but those running on Android & iOS. This timeline view will be built in straight into the existing Task view windows of windows 10. This will show […]

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